Distance between Poznań, Poland and Milano, Italy

You are here because you've requested distance between Poznań, Poland and Milano, Italy. This is what we have for you. According to our information you can calculate distance between Poznań, Poland and Milano, Italy. You can see a specific route. This is for your journey. Now you are able to navigate and see with your own eyes where you'll have to drive to get to your destination.

Check out time of driving and distance between Poznań, Poland and Milano, Italy in miles, kilometres and nautical miles. Very convenient. Scroll down and you'll have some more interesting info: weather and gas calculation. Stay safe on the road and use our service whenever you're hitting the road. Mileage from Poznań, Poland to Milano, Italy can be found on our site with a few simple clicks. Have fun!

Your journey from Poznań, Poland and Milano, Italy by car will take:

driving distance
flight distance
- 50mph (80 km/h)
- 60mph (97 km/h)
- 75mph (120 km/h)
- 500mph (~800 km/h)

Map of route from Poznań, Poland and Milano, Italy by car

Mileage and distance conversions between Poznań, Poland and Milano, Italy

This table shows distance in kilometers, miles and nautical miles between Poznań, Poland and Milano, Italy

Distance type Miles Kilometers Nautical miles
Straight line distance
Driving distance
Weather forecast in Milano, Italy for your trip
1 33.8
Milano, Italy
Clear sky 1.61 m/s

So you've already discovered distance between Poznań, Poland and Milano, Italy. Weather forecast in Milano, Italy online will complete this research . We are offering weather forecast for 3 days (you can see it divided for every 3 hours) and weather forecast for 5 days. There is nothing bad in being prepared for snow, heat, rain, showers or even tornadoes etc. Knowledge of weather forecast can save your life and you can take proper clothes. Your trip will be so much easier if you do your homework. Don't neglect this small but important option. Driving long hours and then discovering that you are unprepared for the weather in Milano, Italy, not that great. To avoid being surprised just check weather forecast for 3 or 5 days in advance. Have a safe trip.

18:00 0°C 1.61m/s 990.75 hpa
21:00 -2°C 0.86m/s 988.86 hpa
00:00 -2°C 1.21m/s 986.65 hpa
03:00 -2°C 1.41m/s 985.49 hpa
06:00 -2°C 1.41m/s 985.37 hpa
09:00 3°C 3.87m/s 987.41 hpa
12:00 9°C 3.78m/s 989.22 hpa
15:00 7°C 5.71m/s 993.46 hpa
18:00 2°C 3.12m/s 995.39 hpa
21:00 0°C 2.31m/s 997.63 hpa
00:00 -2°C 2.16m/s 999.08 hpa
03:00 -3°C 0.92m/s 998.83 hpa
06:00 -2°C 1.41m/s 998.81 hpa
09:00 2°C 3.77m/s 998.1 hpa
12:00 10°C 1.21m/s 996.97 hpa
15:00 8°C 1.21m/s 995.85 hpa
18:00 2°C 0.95m/s 995.45 hpa
21:00 0°C 0.78m/s 994.67 hpa
00:00 -1°C 0.48m/s 993.16 hpa
03:00 -2°C 1.21m/s 991.85 hpa
06:00 -2°C 1.32m/s 990.79 hpa
09:00 1°C 1.4m/s 990.27 hpa
12:00 7°C 1.96m/s 988.89 hpa
15:00 7°C 1.48m/s 986.36 hpa
18:00 3°C 0.91m/s 985.46 hpa
21:00 3°C 2.01m/s 984.85 hpa
00:00 2°C 0.96m/s 983.12 hpa
03:00 -1°C 2.06m/s 981.96 hpa
06:00 0°C 4.81m/s 980.6 hpa
09:00 2°C 4.56m/s 980.52 hpa
12:00 7°C 4.27m/s 978.97 hpa
15:00 7°C 3.87m/s 978.37 hpa
18:00 3°C 6.62m/s 979.9 hpa
21:00 3°C 5.72m/s 981.41 hpa
00:00 3°C 5.58m/s 982.58 hpa
03:00 2°C 5.97m/s 984.52 hpa
06:00 2°C 6.61m/s 987.71 hpa
09:00 3°C 6.72m/s 991.37 hpa
12:00 7°C 6.81m/s 993.6 hpa
15:00 6°C 7.26m/s 995.41 hpa
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What to expect from our site? There is an interesting option called gas calculation. You'll be able to find out how much money (approximately) you'll have to spend on gas. Isn't it good? You just need to know the level of gas consumtion for your car. You have to give it a try, so easy. Distance between Poznań, Poland and Milano, Italy won't be so stressful if you prepar for it in advance. Simply find our distance, weather, directions, amount of gas and time of driving. It's not much but it's vital. Don't postpone this trip that you've been waiting for so long. Info from our site (e.g., mileage from Poznań, Poland to Milano, Italy) will help you make a first step. Pack a bag and hit the road. it's a way to experience life and test yourself. Never forget about safety. It's important for you but also for people who drive with you.

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