Distance between Ottawa, Canada and Belgrade, Serbia as the crow flies

Distance between Ottawa, Canada and Belgrade, Serbia as the crow flies is what you are going to get here. We often enjoy going on vacation or business trips and sometimes we don't pay attention to the distance the plane covers. Aren't you interested? If you are here on this page, it means that you really want to know. It's displayed in miles, nautical miles and km.

Distance between Ottawa, Canada and Belgrade, Serbia as crow flies is usually a straight flying distance between cities. Flying over the ocean or mountains etc. is amazing. Those views are stunning and can be seen only from high above. Enjoy the trips and good company with mileage from Ottawa, Canada to Belgrade, Serbia. Check out also gas calculation option. It's very convenient if you drive.

Your flight from Ottawa, Canada and Belgrade, Serbia by plane will take:

flight distance
- 500mph (~800 km/h)

Map of route from Ottawa, Canada and Belgrade, Serbia by plane

Flying distance conversions between Ottawa, Canada and Belgrade, Serbia

This table shows distance in kilometers, miles and nautical miles between Ottawa, Canada and Belgrade, Serbia

Distance type Miles Kilometers Nautical miles
Straight line distance
Weather forecast in Belgrade, Serbia for your flight
11 51.8
Belgrade, Serbia
Clear sky 0.17 m/s

Do you usually check weather forecast for the day when you go to work or spend your day outside? Well it's the same for the long journey. Check weather forecast for 3 days with out service. You are going to spend more time? Weather forecast for 5 days in Belgrade, Serbia will be exactly what you need. If you want more details, we provide weather forecast for every 3 hours. See for yourself and be ready for all kinds of weather. When you step out of airport, do you really want to be surprised by the rain? You would want to have at least an umbrella with you. Click on the weather forecast option here and you will at least know what to pack.

03:00 11°C 0.17m/s 1016.97 hpa
06:00 12°C 1.26m/s 1017.76 hpa
09:00 18°C 2.37m/s 1017.44 hpa
12:00 23°C 1.91m/s 1015.56 hpa
15:00 23°C 1.71m/s 1015.02 hpa
18:00 18°C 1.71m/s 1015.76 hpa
21:00 17°C 0.45m/s 1016.98 hpa
00:00 16°C 0.39m/s 1017.2 hpa
03:00 15°C 0.43m/s 1017.05 hpa
06:00 15°C 0.64m/s 1017.59 hpa
09:00 20°C 1.87m/s 1016.96 hpa
12:00 24°C 1.93m/s 1015.57 hpa
15:00 23°C 0.58m/s 1014.85 hpa
18:00 19°C 1.44m/s 1016.49 hpa
21:00 17°C 1.2m/s 1017.53 hpa
00:00 16°C 0.36m/s 1017.99 hpa
03:00 15°C 1.38m/s 1018.38 hpa
06:00 15°C 1.3m/s 1018.56 hpa
09:00 21°C 2.05m/s 1018.74 hpa
12:00 25°C 2.06m/s 1017.48 hpa
15:00 23°C 0.55m/s 1016.91 hpa
18:00 19°C 1.76m/s 1018.37 hpa
21:00 17°C 0.84m/s 1019.47 hpa
00:00 16°C 1.6m/s 1019.05 hpa
03:00 15°C 1.52m/s 1019.39 hpa
06:00 15°C 1.46m/s 1020.07 hpa
09:00 22°C 2.33m/s 1020.44 hpa
12:00 27°C 1.5m/s 1019.47 hpa
15:00 25°C 0.65m/s 1018.95 hpa
18:00 21°C 0.21m/s 1020.53 hpa
21:00 19°C 0.74m/s 1021.46 hpa
00:00 18°C 0.91m/s 1021.69 hpa
03:00 16°C 0.34m/s 1022.15 hpa
06:00 16°C 1.22m/s 1022.99 hpa
09:00 22°C 1.99m/s 1023.22 hpa
12:00 25°C 3.06m/s 1022.43 hpa
15:00 23°C 2.05m/s 1021.59 hpa
18:00 19°C 2.97m/s 1022.66 hpa
21:00 17°C 2.72m/s 1023.44 hpa
00:00 15°C 1.79m/s 1023.34 hpa
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